How to choose the quality of color steel coils

January 8, 2024
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Color steel coils are more and more widely used in society, and they occupy an important position in new buildings such as mobile houses that are concerned and accepted by everyone. Then the question that follows is how to find a color steel coil among many color steel plates. Let's take a look at the tips for judging color steel plates summarized by the editor.

1. First of all, you should check the quality certification of the color steel plate and whether there are inspection standards for relevant parts. Before purchasing, investigate the company's reputation and reputation in the market. It is better to go to the manufacturer of color steel plates for on-site inspection to see how the company's environmental equipment is and whether it is formal.

2. The quality of color steel plate products can be known only by price. Everything is worth the money. When comparing the quality of color steel plates, price is only one aspect, and there is no need to pay too much attention to the price. However, when the price of a color steel plate is much lower than that of others, friends who want to buy it should consider it.

3. Observe whether the exposed steel of the color steel plate, such as the cross section, is finely crystallized, and whether it is gray, dark, and has impurities. If the cut surface is finely crystalline, the quality is relatively good. Observe the thickness of the substrate and the thickness of the peritoneum. The color steel plate mainly has the substrate and the colored peritoneum or coating. The better color steel plate substrate is 0.02~0.05mm, and the thickness of the coating or coating is often only 0.15mm or less. Some manufacturers of color steel plates often make tricks on the substrate and the color steel plate coating or coating, reduce the thickness of the substrate, increase the thickness of the peritoneum to reduce the production cost of the color steel plate, and greatly reduce the service life of the color steel plate.

4. Use your fingers or hard objects to knock on the color steel plate. The metal sound of the color steel plate with better material is louder and crisper. If the material of the color steel plate is poor, the sound will be dull and the metal sound will not be obvious.