Introduction to the coatings of color steel coils

June 12, 2024
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As the name implies, color steel coils have certain colors. Let's talk about the selection of color steel coil coatings:

Different color steel coil coatings are composed of four parts, namely resin, pigment, solvent, and additive. Among them, the solvent is a volatile component, and the other three parts are basically non-volatile components.

The resin as a film-forming substance is required to be quite stable during the storage period of the coating, without obvious physical and chemical changes; when forming a film, it can be quickly cured under specified conditions.

There are many types of resins. The commonly used resins in coil coatings include acrylic resin, epoxy resin, polyester resin and polyurethane resin. Different resins have different physical and chemical properties, as well as weather resistance and corrosion resistance.

Pigments must be used in combination with resins. Their main function in coatings is to color the coating film. Different pigment ratios will affect the hardness, glossiness and corrosion resistance of the coating film.

Solvents are an important component of liquid coatings and are volatile components during the drying process of coatings. Solvents are generally used to adjust the viscosity of paint. Such solvents used to adjust the viscosity of paint are called diluents. Solvents have a great influence on the manufacture, storage, coating, film formation and film quality of paint.

Paints for color steel coils are generally divided into two categories according to their uses: construction and home appliances. Architectural paints are selected from epoxy resins, polyester resins, polyvinyl chloride plastisols, silicon-modified polyesters and polyvinylidene fluoride according to different use environments. Paints for home appliances are generally colored polyester resins.