Storage issues of color-coated rolls

August 16, 2023
Latest company news about Storage issues of color-coated rolls

If the color-coated coil plate is not used for a long time, we must do a good job in storage. If it is not stored properly, it will be damaged. So how should we store it properly? What are the frequently asked questions?
Color-coated coiled sheets should be stored in a clean environment to prevent corrosion from various corrosive media.
Color-coated coiled sheets should be stored in dry and ventilated indoor air, avoid outdoor storage or be stored in areas prone to condensation and large temperature changes. The road surface of the storage area should be smooth, free of hard blocks and sufficient for load-bearing capacity. The vertical coiled steel should be placed on eraser pads, skids, fixed brackets and other equipment, and the strap buckles should be facing upward. In order to prevent crushing injuries, palletizing and storage are generally not performed, and the height of the palletizing column must be strictly limited during palletizing and storage.


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The physical properties of color-coated coil plates and some coating properties such as pencil hardness, T-bend value, impact power value, etc. will change greatly with the increase of storage time, so it is recommended that customers start processing and use them as soon as possible. The storage location should leave sufficient space for the use of lifting equipment. The storage areas of steel plates and coils should be effectively distributed for easy access and minimize unnecessary movement.