Stress and deformation of color-coated plates

February 29, 2024
Latest company news about Stress and deformation of color-coated plates

The quality of color-coated plates depends not only on the basic properties of the substrate and coating, but also on the production process and operation control technology. Operation control technology has a great influence on the physical properties of color-coated plate products, and the surface quality is greatly affected. From the analysis of the production process, the production control technology should focus on the cleaning process, chemical coating treatment, coating (including primary coating, fine coating), and curing. Today we will share the force and deformation of color-coated plates.
In the past, in order to calculate the internal stress of the coil during the coiling process, the steel coil was considered to be an elastic thick-walled cylinder or an elastic combined cylinder for derivation and solution. In fact, color-coated plates usually have a large thickness, and color-coated plates have obvious non-circular characteristics along the circumferential direction. If the color steel coil is processed according to the circular curve, the calculation error will be large. Therefore, in the coiling process of hot-rolled color-coated plates, as the thickness of the strip increases, the non-circular characteristics of the inner strip of the coil along the circumferential direction are more obvious. The circumferentially symmetrical closed cylinder model used in the past not only has a large actual deviation of the strip, but also cannot accurately predict the interlayer slip problem. It is fully integrated with the equipment and process characteristics of the hot stripping process. The spiral open cylinder model is used to consider the stress and deformation during the coiling process. The uneven distribution along the circumferential direction and the incomplete contact between the coil head ring and the reel are proposed, and a set of internal stress distribution models suitable for hot-rolled color-coated plates are proposed, and the corresponding interlayer slip is given.
Based on the judgment conditions, the corresponding color-coated plate internal stress and interlayer slip prediction software is compiled and applied to production practice. During the winding process, as the coil diameter increases, the radial pressure of a layer of color-coated plate increases, especially for the inner coil of the steel coil. The possibility of interlayer bonding will increase significantly; however, for the unwinding coil, the radial pressure decreases from the inside to the outside. However, the hoop stress law is different. The minimum value usually occurs in a certain layer within the coil. The hoop stress of the color steel coil head decreases with the increase of pressure. Some middle layers of the coil are reduced the most, and negative values ​​may occur if the initial tension is large.