Analysis of Bubble Phenomenon of Color-coated Plate

September 15, 2023
Latest company news about Analysis of Bubble Phenomenon of Color-coated Plate

Bubbles sometimes occur in color-coated plates due to external factors during electric welding. This phenomenon will make the welding not strong and affect the appearance. So we should try to avoid this situation during electric welding. What is the cause of this phenomenon?
If the surface of the color-coated plate is not cleaned, it is very easy to cause bubbles, such as the presence of oil stains, moisture and other components. In this regard, we can solve this problem by cleaning the surface to be welded. Impure shielding gas can also cause bubbles. 99.99% argon can be used to deal with this problem. Bubbles will also occur if the end of the electrode is exposed to the air. Therefore, when welding color-coated plates, we must keep the end of the electrode under the protection of rare gas.


The three methods introduced above can well prevent bubbles from occurring during electric welding of color-coated plates. For bubbles that have already appeared, we can directly grind them away with an angle grinder. I hope the above content will be helpful to everyone.