Color steel plate has extensive future development

September 30, 2023
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For the current construction industry, the emerging building materials have obvious advantages, and the development prospects are also very optimistic. The same is true for sandwich color steel plates. Color steel plates have a variety of specifications. Its core materials are also divided into six types, namely polystyrene sandwich panels, namely EPS sandwich panels, which are also the most widely used varieties in the market, as well as extruded polystyrene sandwich panels, namely XPS sandwich panels, rigid polyurethane sandwich panels, namely PU sandwich panels, tri-polyester sandwich panels, namely PIR sandwich panels, phenolic sandwich panels, namely PF sandwich panels, and rock wool sandwich panels, namely RW sandwich panels. The more classifications of color steel plates there are, the more widely they will be used. In fact, the characteristics of sandwich color steel plates are also very advantageous. First, they are light in weight and weigh less than 24kg per square meter, which can fully reduce the cost of the structure. Secondly, the sandwich color steel plates are quick to install and have light weight. They can be plugged in, installed, and cut at will, which makes them easy to install, improve efficiency, and save construction time. Another very important point is that they are very fireproof and fire-resistant. The surface material and insulation material of the color steel composite core board are non-combustible or flame-retardant materials, which can meet the requirements of fire protection regulations. The color steel plates treated with special coatings are guaranteed to be new for 10-15 years, and the plate life is more than 35 years. After that, anti-corrosion coatings are sprayed every ten years. All the advantages of sandwich color steel plates combined with their characteristics will definitely have a very broad market.