Introduction to the life and concept of color-coated coils

November 8, 2023
Latest company news about Introduction to the life and concept of color-coated coils

The service life of color-coated coils is analyzed based on the structural characteristics and mechanisms of its coatings. In essence, it refers to the unified embodiment of the effective use limits of the two properties of color-coated corrosion resistance and organic coating weather resistance under actual application conditions. If the measurement standards for the use limit are not unified, the concept of service life cannot be consistent. The reason why the production of each product can be well developed and applied can also indirectly explain that it has certain characteristics and can play a certain role in the application of the product. Today, the editor will introduce the relevant applications of color-coated coil products:

latest company news about Introduction to the life and concept of color-coated coils  0
Color-coated coils are commonly known as polyvinylidene fluoride color-coated coils. It has a good application in construction. The most important advantage is that it has good UV protection. Color-coated coils are made of high-end polyvinylidene fluoride resins. We all know that there is a strong bond energy between the chemical bonds of PVDF, which makes the coating have very good corrosion resistance and color retention. Ultimately, it is the most advanced product in the color-coated steel plate coatings for the construction industry, and it has a large molecular weight and a straight bond structure. In addition to chemical resistance, color coated coils are also well recognized for their mechanical properties, UV resistance and heat resistance. For color coated coils, we can choose the most suitable resin for the coating according to the different use environments. The application resins we can choose include: polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastisol, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. This can be selected according to the actual needs of users. In summary, it is not difficult for us to understand the wide application of color coated coils in construction, home appliances, electromechanical, transportation, interior decoration, office appliances and other industries.