Process performance of color steel coils

May 10, 2024
Latest company news about Process performance of color steel coils

The properties of color steel coils are very good, but certain problems may occur under special circumstances. For example, paint explosion on color steel coils is a common problem. Then all problems have their reasons and reasons. Color steel coils The reason for the problem of paint explosion on the roll.
When preparing the tank, add passivation agent first and then drain the water. Due to the density problem of the passivation agent, when the density of the passivation agent is higher than water, the raw materials will be mixed unevenly, and the adhesion between the passivation layer and the substrate will be poor, which will easily cause the surface of the color steel coil to be damaged. There is a problem with paint bursting.
There are also passivation plate temperature production processes that require multiple inspections. The reason is that the staff did not regularly track the passivation plate temperature during inspections. Especially in winter, the temperature changes are relatively large, which will eventually lead to the aging of the color steel coils, and the problem of scratches and paint peeling during molding.
During the manufacturing process of color steel coils, there is dust on the exit value inspection mirror, and there is also dust on some rollers. The dust will directly affect the process performance of the color steel coils. It may not show up at the beginning, but If it takes a long time or is exposed to the sun, the problem of paint explosion will occur.
Because of the paint explosion problem of color steel coils, I believe you need to learn at least some knowledge like the editor. Generally speaking, the materials used for color steel coils on the current market are cold-rolled steel sheets and hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. Sheets, phosphated sheets and hot-dip galvanized sheets. In addition, this is a color-coated steel chain that contains hot-dip galvanized steel chain as a plate.