Unique performance of color-coated board - durability

May 3, 2024
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After a period of use, the performance and service life of polyurethane coating of color-coated board will be reduced due to the influence of various environmental factors, and it needs to be re-coated. The most basic requirement for re-coating architectural coatings is to have a certain adhesion with the original coating and have good performance.
Outdoor color-coated boards can be divided into 3 categories according to the use environment:
Category 1, used in geographical environment, requires a certain corrosion resistance. For example: color-coated boards are used for protection at construction sites under construction.
Category 2, used in geographical environment, has a certain anti-corrosion and appearance effect. For example: color steel plate houses built outdoors.
Category 3, used in some extreme environments, requires a certain anti-corrosion period.
Select nitrocellulose enamel for use in rooms, isopropyl titanate vulcanized rubber paint for use in pharmaceutical factories, and acrylate polyurethane topcoat and fluorocarbon spray paint for use outdoors. According to the environment and customer needs, you can choose suitable architectural coatings to re-coat the surface of polyester color-coated boards to extend the service life of color-coated boards.